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Only one portion of the fuselage of the Air New Zealand DC-10 remained intact on the icy slopes of Mt Erebus.
In 1903, Americans Wilbur and Orville Wright completed the world’s first controlled powered flight at Kittyhawk, North Carolina. This British Pathé film clip shows the Wright Brothers flying in 1908.
British public notice providing identifying silhouettes of German and British aircraft and airships during the First World War.
The development of the Fokker Eindecker and its propeller-synchronised forward-firing machine gun gave the Germans a massive advantage over Allied aircraft from July 1915 until mid-1916, the period known as the ‘Fokker Scourge’.
A German Fokker Eindecker in the air, circa 1915.
A Royal Naval Air Service Wight Seaplane, Admiralty Type 840, at Dunkirk, circa 1916.
A British Caquot-type kite balloon ascending.
Pupils of the New Zealand Flying School at Kohimarama pose with a Walsh-Curtiss flying boat, circa 1917.
New Zealand’s first military aircraft, a Bleriot XI dubbed 'Britannia', on the ground at Epsom Racecourse, Auckland in 1914.
Getting to New Zealand became a lot quicker once jet airliners were flying in to international airports such as Christchurch's Harewood.
On 3 July 1963 a DC-3 airliner crashed in the Kaimai Range, Bay of Plenty. All 23 passengers and crew were killed in what remains the worst air crash within New Zealand.  This memorial, at Gordon, 9 km southwest of the crash,  was dedicated on 5 July 2003 to mark the 40th anniversary of accident.
New Zealand representatives farewell Queen Elizabeth at Christchurch airport, 1986
Blériot XI monoplane – Britannia – flying over Auckland Exhibition Grounds, 1914.
Helicopters (NZ) on Antarctica
American Airways Sikorsky flying boat 'Samoan Clipper'in Auckland
A BOAC de Havilland Comet 4C like the one used for the first regular jet service between Britain and NZ.
Part four of the film Antarctic Adventure.
Part three of the film Antarctic Adventure. The New Zealand section of the British Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition on Antarctica.
Listen to a description of the arrival and landing of the first flight to Antarctica on 20 December 1955.
Memorial cross on Mt Erebus. The cross is located approximately 3 km south-east of the 1979 crash site.