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Only one portion of the fuselage of the Air New Zealand DC-10 remained intact on the icy slopes of Mt Erebus.
How the fatal Air New Zealand Flight TE901 came to be named after an image from space
This island in Lyttelton Harbour has housed immigrants, lepers and Antarctic explorers.
Board game based on the first Antarctic expedition (BAE1) of Admiral Byrd
This silent footage shows explorer Ernest Shackleton's British Antarctic Expedition, or Nimrod expedition, leaving from Lyttelton, 1 January 1908
De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver aircraft from the RNZAF Antarctic Flight on display at the Air Force Museum in Christchurch, 2008.
Sir Paul Reeves, Governor-General of New Zealand (R) and Colonel Thomas W. Wood, United States Air Attaché to the U. S. Embassy, Wellington, New Zealand (L), stand at the South Pole Station on December 3, 1986
A 26-kg koru-shaped capsule located beside the Erebus disaster memorial cross on Mt Erebus.
What has motivated New Zealand's involvement in the Antarctic?
Helicopters (NZ) on Antarctica
Memorial to Robert Falcon Scott in the Queenstown Gardens
A brochure released by Air New Zealand for the November 1979 Antarctic flights
he Beverley Price memorial track near Puhoehoe
Extract from diary of Clarence Hare
Painting showing Robert Scott's ships Terra Nova and Morning relieve the ice-bound Discovery, McMurdo Sound, ca 1911.
Scott Base on Antarctica in 2006.
Map showing New Zealand sites with an Antarctic connection
Erebus disaster memorial window in St Stephen's Church, Whangaparaoa.
Memorial plaque and windows in St Matthew in the City Church, Auckland, dedicated to those who died in the Mt Erebus disaster.
Memorial plaque and gardens dedicated to the crew and attendants who died in the Erebus disaster.