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The Qualification of Electors Act extended the right to vote (or electoral franchise) to all European men aged over 21, regardless of whether they owned or rented property.
In the North Wairarapa electorate, election day 1884 attracted unusual attention.
Cover of the 1986 Electoral Commission report.
It took a while for television to make its mark on New Zealand elections, but since the 1980s the small screen has become the decisive election battleground.
Dates and turnout statistics for all New Zealand general elections
Jubilant Labour supporters hoist leader David Lange into the air on the night of the snap election on 14 July 1984.
The first member of New Zealand's inaugural Parliament was elected unopposed at Russell in the Bay of Islands. It would take another two and a half months to elect the remaining 36 members of the House of Representatives.
Electors queue to vote at the Wellington Town Hall on 26 November 1960.
This National Party poster emphasises the perennial election themes of leadership and honesty.
Despite this poster's smiling vision of universal prosperity, voters would turn their backs on Labour three years later.
This Labour Party poster from 1938 is notable for its use of bold colours, striking design and simple message.
This Reform Party poster from 1925 illustrates the influence of commercial advertising techniques.
Robert Muldoon addressing a hostile crowd in Upper Hutt.
The National opposition led by Sidney Holland came close to victory at the general election on 27 November 1946.
Labour’s John A. Lee was among the first politicians to exploit the huge potential of radio broadcasting as an electioneering medium.
The Liberal and Labour Federation is generally considered to have been New Zealand's first organised political party.
Poster appealing to 'workingmen' to vote in Wellington's 1853 elections.
Liberal John Wallace's 1853 election poster.
A vast crowd outside the Evening Post office in Willis Street, Wellington, on the night of the 1931 general election.
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