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Flag of the Royal Navy's Inshore Flotilla from 1965
Students assemble outside their school to salute the New Zealand flag, 1902
In late 1917 district education boards ordered that children salute the New Zealand flag at the start of each school day. Some teachers opposed this as too militaristic.
For many Maori in the 19th century, the Union Jack was frequently viewed as a potent symbol of Great Britain's power in New Zealand. In the New Zealand Wars, Maori parties who sought to resist government forces often devised their own flags to show their independence and counteract the 'mana' of the Union Jack.
Taranaki Militia and Rifle Volunteers' flag.
Māori men in front of Moutoa flag.
Iwi/hapu names on Red Ensigns flying at a reception for the Prince of Wales, 1920.
Te Kooti's triangular pennant 'Te Wepu' (the whip).
Flags of Te Ua Haumēne, Tītokowaru and Peehi Tūroa.
One King Movement and two Pai Mārire flags.
The selection and use of the national flag has always attracted debate
One of the best known alternate designs proffered for the new New Zealand flag is the flag designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
Was the Australian flag designed by a New Zealander?
There have been numerous calls in the last few decades for a new New Zealand flag to be adopted.
In 1981 an act made it an offense to destroy or damage the NZ flag.
A history of the tradition of flying the New Zealand flag in schools.
Riria Hotere discusses a United Tribes flag held in the Te Papa collection.
Protester with tino rangatiratanga flag at hikoi during the New Zealand foreshore and seabed controversy.
New Zealand flags at the Treaty Grounds in 2006.
Sketch showing two Maori figures beneath the United Tribes Flag.