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Film showing the royal tour from Longbeach on the Canterbury plains to Bluff
Film showing the royal tour as it progresses south from New Plymouth, through Wellington, then on to Christchurch via Nelson and the West Coast
Film shows the royal couple's arrival in Auckland on 23 December 1953 and follows them as far as Stratford on 8 January 1954.
Queen Elizabeth II meeting the Stratford stationmaster, Jack Scott, on 8 January 1954.
New Zealand representatives farewell Queen Elizabeth at Christchurch airport, 1986
Waikato–Tainui was the first iwi to reach an historial Treaty of Waitangi settlement with the Crown for injustices going back to the 1860s. The Deed of Settlement included cash and land valued at a total of $170 million.
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prime Minister Norman Kirk at Waitangi on 6 February 1974
For the first two decades of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, New Zealanders stood for the national anthem at the start of every movie session.
Prince William enjoys a hangi at Government House
Cartoon showing the mood against constitutional reform in 2011
The Queen meets the Māori Queen, Dame Te Arikinui Te Ātairangikaahu, in 1995
The Governor General meeting the Queen on board Britannia in 1970
For four decades HMY Britannia supported members of the royal family while they were visiting New Zealand.
The official New Zealand emblem of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
Links and books relating to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and New Zealand
The brief postwar social consensus started to fray from the 1960s. More frequent visits by the Queen and other members of her family probably reduced some of the mystique. At the same time the media may have also made the formerly exotic more familiar.
Māori ‘were primarily concerned to express their loyalty to the Crown and to win acceptance as New Zealand citizens.’ They were just as enthusiastic about the tour as other New Zealanders.
About three out of every four New Zealanders saw the Queen as she visited 46 centres and attended 110 functions in 1953-54
The Queen is New Zealand’s head of state. Her title was confirmed by Royal Titles Acts of 1953 and 1974, the latter entitling her ‘Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of New Zealand and Her Other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith’.
Queen Elizabeth II became New Zealand's monarch on 6 February 1952. In 2012 she celebrated her Diamond (60th) Jubilee, which was marked by various events around the Commonwealth.