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Some of the troopships and escort ships of the Samoa Advance Party anchored in Apia Harbour, 1914.
Robert Logan ran the military administration of German Samoa on behalf of Britain during the First World War.
Falema'i Lesa having just won her case for citizenship with the Privy Council
Captain Anderson and his gun crew in Samoa during the First World War.
The Treaty of Waitangi translated into Cook Islands, Samoan, Tongan, Niuean and Tokelau languages
A selection of key New Zealand events from 1929
Ceremony for the raising of the New Zealand flag at the Courthouse, Apia, Western Samoa. Photograph taken between 1935 and 1940.
Cartoon showing relationship between NZ administration and Mau in Samoa in 1930
Six Mau supporters, five of whom are wearing the white stripe, pose in front of the camera
A series of images relating to the pursuit and arrest of Mau in January 1930
The lying in state of Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, Samoa, 1929
Pall bearers and Mau police carrying the coffin of Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III
The leaders of the women's Mau; Mrs Tuimaliifano, Mrs Tamasese, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Faumuina, c1930
Group photograph of leaders and committee of the Women's Mau, 1930
Members of the first Legislative Council of Western Samoa c 1921
Mau parade moving west along Beach Road, Apia, Samoa
Fale o Leoleo, Police station, Apia c 1930. A Lewis gun mounted on the balcony of this building fired over the heads of marchers on Black Saturday.
Map showing movements of Mau and Police on Black Saturday
This article from the Truth describes how Mau supporters were making a mockery of the New Zealand administration in Samoa.
A group of Mau supporters, photographed outside the premises of Morris Hedstrom Ltd in Samoa