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Shellfire blighted everything it touched.
Mark Briggs objected to taking part in the First World War on socialist grounds. He was arrested and became one of fourteen conscientious objectors forcibly deported to Europe and sent to military camps.
Leonard Hart was one of the New Zealand soldiers engaged in the offensive at Passchendaele. His letter to his parents which was smuggled out to avoid military censorship is the most vivid extant record of the horrors of the battle.
Rikihana (Bunny) Carkeek was a prominent Ngāti Raukawa leader from Ōtaki who served, first with the Native Contingent and then with the Māori Pioneer Battalion, during the First World War.
Aerial reconnaissance photo of the battlefield near Bailleul, northern France on 11 August 1918.
Map showing the 1905 Schlieffen Plan and actual German advances of 1914
Map showing area evacuated by Germany after 1918 Armistice and German zones occupied by Allies
Map showing advance of the Third Army, including the New Zealand Division, between September and November 1918
Map showing the New Zealand Division's progress during the Battle of Bapaume, August-September 1918
Map showing the limits of German advances during the spring offensives of 1918
Map showing progression of front line on Western Front following Battles of Broodseinde and Passchendaele, 1917
Map showing positions of mines, objectives and troop movements in Messines Sector, June 1917
Map showing objectives and movements of British forces in the Somme battles of September-October 1916
Map showing the Armentières sector of the Western Front in 1916
Map showing the Western Front and major battles along it in 1916-17
More than 3000 horses and mules went from Egypt to France with the New Zealand Division in April 1916. Most of these horses had probably come from New Zealand originally.
Photograph of Major-General Andrew Hamilton Russell at New Zealand Divisional Headquarters, Bus-les-Artois, France, on 21 May 1918
Find the location of the the 428 cemeteries in Western Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland which include graves or memorials for members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who died during the First World War.
Officers and non-commissioned officers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force Infantry.
Grave of Sapper Tobin – New Zealand’s first death on the Western Front