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A Daimler Dingo of the New Zealand Divisional Cavalry in the Italian Campaign.
Members of the Second New Zealand Division crossing the Lamone River during the Italian Campaign.
Wounded at Cassino by Peter McIntyre, March 1944.
Bombing of Cassino Monastery and town by Peter McIntyre, May 1944.
Soldiers clamber over ruins on the Cassino battlefront during the Italian Campaign.
A view of Cassino and Monte Cassino, 1944.
A prefabricated Bailey bridge crosses a ravine in the Sangro River area during the Italian Campaign.
New Zealand soldiers disembark from a troopship at Taranto.
Discover the stories of some of the New Zealanders who served in the Italian Campaign, 1943–1945
A New Zealand tank being greeted by citizens of Florence, on the 4 August 1944.
A 1945 British Pathé film clip showing the 2nd New Zealand Division's advance through the Italian town of Faenza.
Map of the Cassino area, where New Zealand troops fought February-March 1944.
One week after the fall of Monte Cassino in May 1944, New Zealand Prime Minister Peter Fraser visited the site of the monastery
Weekly Review film showing the activities of New Zealand soldiers in Italy during the winter of 1943/44
Members of the 28 (Māori) Battalion in Italy, winter 1945
Devonport Memorial Drive commemorates men from the area who lost their lives during the Second World War
Wakatere Boating Club's starting Memorial Tower at Narrow Neck Beach, North Shore, Auckland. Early in 1960, the club commissioned a starting tower that would serve as a lasting memorial to its members who had lost their lives during the Second World War.
Memorial in the grounds of St. Jude's Church, Avondale
In the Battle of the Atlantic, one of the most important campaigns of the Second World War, 24 May 1943 was a crucial date. Thousands of New Zealanders took part in this long and bitter struggle.
Image of prominent pacifist Ormond Burton, probably taken in 1921 when he graduated with an MA from Auckland University College