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Pauline Parker

While attending Christchurch Girls' High School, Pauline Parker met Juliet Hulme and formed the friendship that was to radically change the course of both their lives. In 1954, the pair were convicted of murder in a sensational case.

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Paul Pascoe

Paul Pascoe is considered a pioneer of modernist architecture due to the large scale of buildings he designed in the style for his home town of Christchurch and further afield.

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Election Days

  • Election Days

    When New Zealanders go to the polls on 26 November 2011, they will continue a 158-year-old tradition of parliamentary democracy in this country. Politics may have changed beyond recognition since 1853, but the cut and thrust of the campaign trail, the power of advertising, and the drama of polling day remain as relevant as ever.

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  • Page 4 - Nights on the townAfter the colour and controversy of the 1850s, election days in New Zealand have generally been orderly affairs. Even so, election nights could still be lively

The Beatles in New Zealand

  • The Beatles in New Zealand

    When four young Liverpool musicians landed in Wellington on a lazy Sunday afternoon in June 1964, seven days of pandemonium erupted. Young New Zealanders flocked in their thousands to hear or just catch a glimpse of the famous 'Fab Four'.

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  • Page 5 - South IslandThe Beatles' concerts in Dunedin on 26 June were some of the wildest of the New Zealand

Regional rugby

  • Regional rugby

    The passion and parochialism of provincial rugby has helped to give the game a special place in New Zealand’s social and sporting history. Read brief histories, highlights and quirky facts for each of New Zealand's 26 regional rugby teams.

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  • Page 24 - Canterbury rugbyHistory and highlights of rugby in the Canterbury

A company sponsored by the Church of England founded the planned settlement of Christchurch in 1850. Its picturesque Gothic-revival architecture and early demographic composition earned Christchurch a reputation as the most English of New Zealand’s cities. A series of significant earthquakes over 2010-12 caused the deaths of 185 people in Christchurch, and a third of the central city’s buildings are expected to be demolished as a result of the quake.

Meaning of place name
The name was chosen on 27 March 1848 at the first meeting of the Canterbury Association on the suggestion of J.R. Godley, whose college at Oxford, England, was Christ Church.

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