• Go-betweens

    An important feature of early contact in New Zealand was the role of intermediaries or kaiwhakarite who acted as go-betweens – people from one culture who lived with the other culture and helped bridge the gap between them.

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  • Page 3 – Maori intermediaries: Ruatara

    In 1805 the Ngapuhi chief Ruatara left New Zealand on the whaling ship Argo with the intention of meeting King George III.

  • Page 4 – The first woman settler?

    Charlotte lived with a Ngāpuhi chief and refused to be 'rescued' on at least two occasions, before disappearing from the record.

  • Page 5 – Further information

    Publications and links relating to Pakeha-Maori and Maori-Pakeha in the pre-1840 period