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New Zealand and the United Nations

  • Page 2 – The League of Nations

    New Zealand has a tradition of commitment to the concept of collective security. It was a member of the League of Nations between the world wars and was active in the establishment of the United Nations in June 1945.

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  • Page 2 - The League of NationsNew Zealand was a founding member of the League of nations and was awarded German Samoa as a Mandated Territory by the

First World War - overview

New Zealand in Samoa

  • Page 3 – Colonial administration

    The League of Nations formally allocated New Zealand the Class C mandate of Western Samoa in December 1920. Samoan leaders were not consulted as other nations decided Samoa's

  • Page 6 – Stepping up the Mau campaign

    In January 1928 Mau policeman, dressed in a uniform of a purple lavalava with a white stripe, began enforcing a sā - ban - on European stores in Apia.

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