Bay of Plenty Treaty copy

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The Bay of Plenty (Fedarb) copy of the Treaty

The Bay of Plenty or Fedarb Maori-language copy of the Treaty of Waitangi was one of two made by missionary James Stack at Tauranga; the other has been lost. There are 26 names on the copy. All were collected by trader James Fedarb who sailed around the Bay of Plenty between 22 May and 19 June 1840, getting agreement from chiefs at Opotiki, Te Kaha, Torere and Whakatane.

Fedarb gave the copy to printer William Colenso, for whom he had once worked, to pass on to Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson. No one commented on the fact that the signature – William Hobson - on the copy was, strictly speaking, forged. James Stack had written this in his own hand when he made the copies at Tauranga; Hobson always signed as 'W Hobson' with no governor's title.

The copy also has Christian crosses against some of the names. At the request of chiefs affiliated to the Church Missionary Society, Fedarb identified the Opotiki chiefs who were Roman Catholic by placing a cross beside each name. It suggests that the effort to get these marks was to counter the influence of Roman Catholic Bishop Pompallier, who had had disagreements with local Protestant missionaries. This is one of two copies signed by Maori witnesses, Papahia and Wiremu Maihi, both possibly from the north.

 Signed asProbable nameTribeHapu

Signed on 27-28 May 1840, at Opotiki, witnessed by James W. Fedarb, Papahia and Wiremu Maihi

1. Tautoru Tauatoro Te Whakatohea Ngai Tamahaua, Ngati Ngahere
2. Takahi Takahi Te Whakatohea Te Upokorehe
3. Aporotanga [Te Awanui] Aporotanga Te Whakatohea Ngati Rua
4. Rangimatanuku Rangimatanuku Te Whakatohea Ngati Rua
5. Rangihaerepo Rangihaerepo Te Whakatohea Te Upokorehe, Ngai Tamahaua
6. Ake Ake Te Whakatohea Te Upokorehe
7. Wakiia Te Whakia Te Whakatohea  

Signed on 11 June 1840, at Torere

8. Putiki Putiki Ngai Tai  
9. Rangihuataki Rangihuataki Ngai Tai  

Signed on 14 June 1840, at Te Kaha

10. Haupururangi Te Aopururangi Te Whanau-a-Apanui? Te Whanau-a-Te Ehutu
11. Hahiwaru Te Aahiiwaru [Tamatama-a-rangi] Te Whanau-a-Apanui? Te Whanau-a-Te Ehutu
12. Haomarama Te Aomarama Te Whanau-a-Apanui? Te Whanau-a-Te Ehutu
13. Warau Te /Wharau Te Whanau-a-Apanui? Te Whanau-a-Te Ehutu

Signed on 14 June 1840, at Torere

14. Na Taku Nataku Ngai Tai?  

Signed on 16 June 1840, at Whakatane

15. Tautari Tautari Ngati Awa Ngati Pukeko
16. Mokai Mokai Ngati Awa? Ngati Pukeko?
17. Mato Mato Ngati Awa?  
18. Tarawatewate Tarawhatiwhati? Ngati Awa?  
19. Tunui Tunui Ngati Awa?  
20. Taupiri Taupiri Ngati Awa Ngati Pukeko?
21. Haukakawa Haukakawa Ngati Awa?  
22. Piariari Piariari Ngati Awa?  
23. Matatehokia Matatehokia Ngati Awa?  
24. Rewa Rewa Ngati Awa?  
25. Tupara Tupara Ngati Awa?  
26. Mokai Mokai Ngati Awa? Ngati Pukeko?