All Whites football team for the 1981 World Cup campaign

This photograph shows the New Zealand squad at the beginning of their World Cup qualifying campaign in April 1981. As was typical of sportsmen in the 1970s and early 1980s, most of the players – 13 out of 20 – have moustaches or beards.

Back row (left to right): Adrian Elrick, Duncan Cole, Mark Armstrong, Grant Turner, Allan Boath, Dave Bright, Clive Campbell.

Middle row: Kevin Fallon (assistant coach), Ricki Herbert, Brian Turner, Barry Pickering, Richard Wilson, Frank van Hattum, Glen Adam, Sam Malcolmson, John Adshead (coach).

Front row: Steve Wooddin, Keith Mackay, Steve Sumner (captain), Charlie Dempsey (New Zealand World Cup director), Bobby Almond, John Hill, Glenn Dods.

Billy McClure, Peter Simonsen, Kenny Cresswell and Wynton Rufer joined the squad later, while Armstrong and Campbell were omitted.

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