Balclutha war memorial

Balclutha war memorial c1986.

Balclutha memorial Balclutha memorial Balclutha memorial

Balclutha war memorial in 2009, showing names of First and Second World War soldiers.

Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
Intersection Soldier at
Female statues,

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Ken Weston

Posted: 05 Aug 2010

Dear Frances, Be assured I will make sure that you get copies of the photos etc.Please bear with me. Mostyn is also mentioned in a book about Alexandra and in a newspaper article which I did a couple of years ago for their local newspaper. Kind Regards Ken


Posted: 04 Aug 2010

Dear Ken - this is marvelous! I never expected a response such as yours! My late father's father died when dad was 11yrs old and we didn't know much about that family until the family history research I have done over the last few years. I only found one relative in NZ who gave me a little information but I have no photos at all and certainly no idea of any medals whereabouts. Are you related to Mostyn and the Fleming family at all? My grandfather Cecil Stratford Fleming was 2 yrs older than Mostyn. My 2 brothers are the only 'Flemings' still carrying the name on. I have copies of Mostyn and Rhyl's army service papers which have lots of detail but of course no photo or medals pictures. I would love to correspond with you and would love to have a copy of the photos of Mostyn if possible. This website keeps our email addresses private but if there is some way we could correspond that would be great. Looking forward to reading your response to this. Kind regards Frances (nee Fleming).

Ken Weston

Posted: 04 Aug 2010

Frances, I have Mostyn's WW1 medals here in the U.K. He was the Town Clerk of Alexandra until he enlisted. I have photos of Mostyn. Regards, Ken


Posted: 27 Sep 2009

Thank you so much for making these photos available. I'm a Kiwi in Australia and may not get to Balclutha. Corporal R. V. (Rhyl Vaughan)Fleming (listed here) was my father's uncle. He was born at Lytleton on 16/12/1887. Rhyl was a Stock Buyer in Balclutha at time of enlistment in WW1. He was 'killed in action in the field' on 15/11/16 on the Somme aged 28 and is buried in Cite Bonjean Cemetery, Armentieres Nord, France. He is commemorated, along with his brother Mostyn, on their father's grave in the Balclutha Cemetery of which I have a photo (prev. known as Clutha Ferry or The Ferry Cemetery). Mostyn (from Alexandra) died in the attack on Belle Vue Spur on 12/10/1917. Mostyn's name is on the Alexandra memorial - I have a photo so it was great to see this one here. Regards, Frances