Waiuku First World War memorial

Above: Waiuku First World War memorial c1986, prior to restoration. Below: Waiuku Memorial in 2009.

Waiuku since renovation (detail)Waiuku since renovation (detail)Waiuku since renovation (detail)Waiuku since renovation (detail)Waiuku since renovation (detail)Waiuku since renovation (detail)

Waiuku First World War memorial

The Waiuku war memorial was unveiled on 9 June 1921. This took the form of a granite obelisk on the corner of Queen and George streets. The people of Waiuku later also opened a memorial hospital in the town (Franklin Memorial Hospital). A roll of honour was also unveiled in the local public hall in 1931. In 1947 the names of Second World War servicemen were added to the memorial. In 2006 the memorial was restored and its surrounds redeveloped.

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Site Style Ornamentation Unveiling Date No of Dead
park/gardens square obelisk   10-Jun-21 27


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