Treaty signatories and signing locations

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The Treaty of Waitangi was signed on nine separate sheets by over 500 Māori signatories. Follow links below to see each sheet, including a transcript and more information:

Facsimile copies of the Treaty were made in 1877. They are useful for tracing the place of signing, the date or dates of signing and the names of those who signed. The sheets show the approximate number of signatures, but the names are not part of any official record. 

Many names on the sheets can be easily read, while others cannot. For easy reference, the name of each chief has been given a number on the facsimile reproduction. This number is repeated with the chief's name on the relevant list. The numbers do not always indicate the sequence in which chiefs signed. A few chiefs appear to have signed twice. Where information or a person's identity is uncertain, this is shown by a question mark. Sometimes the full name or other names of a signatory have been added. These are enclosed in square brackets. The names are presented in several ways. Sometimes 'Te tohu o', 'Ko tona tohu' or 'tona tohu' (which all mean 'the sign of') are beside a person's mark. Sometimes just the name is given.

In a few instances tribe or hapu identification has been added, but most names have no identification. A phrase may give a clue to the location of a small group, but where identification is given on the list it is usually the result of ongoing research.

Treaty signing locations map

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