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Dolls in miniature hat boxes are reputed to have been sold as souvenirs outside the Invercargill courtroom during the 1895 trial of Minnie Dean for murdering children in her care.
Seminar by Joanne Drayton where she discussed her recent publication, The search for Anne Perry - better known in New Zealand as Juliet Hulme
Hamiora Pere was hanged at the Terrace Gaol, Wellington. He is the only New Zealander to have been executed after being convicted of treason.
James Liston, the assistant bishop of Auckland, was found not guilty of sedition after it was alleged he had made anti-British remarks in a St Patrick’s Day address.
Charles Ewing Mackay, the disgraced former mayor of Whanganui, was shot dead by Berlin police during May Day riots in the German capital.
In the retrial the defence case centred on a cartridge case that had been a key factor in Thomas’s original conviction. Despite questions about its relevance he was convicted for a second time.
Links and books relating to NZ crimes
Map showing the locations of a selection of New Zealand's most notable crimes.
New Zealand is often seen as a relatively safe country, but as this selection of notable crimes shows, we have had our fair share of homicides, violent acts and other criminal behaviour. The timeline of more than 75 events can also be viewed as a map.
Video about the baby-farmer Minnie Dean, the only woman to be hanged in New Zealand
Pauline Parker (16) and Juliet Hulme (15) who were convicted of murdering Pauline's mother in 1954
Perhaps the greatest political hoaxer in New Zealand’s history
A selection of key New Zealand events from 1923
Virtual comic book telling the story of the Maungatapu murders committed by the Burgess gang in 1866
While attending Christchurch Girls' High School, Pauline Parker met Juliet Hulme and formed the friendship that was to radically change the course of both their lives. In 1954 the pair were convicted of murder in a sensational case, later dramatised in Peter Jackson's film <i>Heavenly creatures</i>.
Joseph Pawelka escaped from Wellington's Terrace Gaol. It was the last in a series of bold but seemingly effortless prison escapes he made over a period of 18 months.
Edward Te Whiu was one of the last four people executed in New Zealand. He admitted to killing 75-year-old widow Florence Smith, but his underprivileged background and childlike mental state led some to question the appropriateness of the death penalty.
Newspaper reports of the arrest and trial of Minnie Dean
Newspaper report of the execution of Minnie Dean on 12 August 1895
In the Auckland Supreme Court, Dennis Gunn was convicted of the murder of a postmaster and sentenced to death. In what was claimed to be a world first for a capital crime, Gunn's conviction was based almost entirely on fingerprint evidence.