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This timeline provides a detailed breakdown of what happened and when during the Gallipoli landings at Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915.
Infographic showing Gallipoli fatal and non-fatal casualties for individual countries and for total Allied and Ottoman forces
This interactive shows the number of New Zealand fatal and non-fatal casualties for each month of the Gallipoli campaign (April-December 1915)
Twenty-five New Zealanders were taken prisoner by the Ottomans during the Gallipoli campaign; 22 during the Sari Bair Offensive alone
NZ infantry uniform worn at the time of the Gallipoli campaign, 1915
A New Zealand Mounted Rifles machine gunner sprints across exposed ground near Hill 60, late August 1915.
Native Contingent soldiers at Outpost No. 1 just before the Sari Bair offensive
Sinking of the French battleship Bouvet in the Dardanelles Straits, March 1915
SS River Clyde at V Beach, Helles
View of Anzac Cove, 1915
British Army issue ration biscuit made by biscuit manufacturers Huntley and Palmers
Field surgery in progress at a Casualty Clearing Station on Gallipoli
Photograph showing the court martial of Private Jack Dunne, Wellington Battalion, at Quinn’s Post, 18 July 1915
Five soldiers from the Auckland Battalion in a support trench at Gaba Tepe, 4 May 1915
Allied troops at Helles make improvised bombs prior to the Third Battle of Krithia, June 1915.
A delayed-action device, commonly called a drip rifle, used by the Anzacs to deceive Ottoman forces during their evacuation from Gallipoli in December 1915
Anzacs return to Gallipoli by picket boat after a rest in Lemnos, November 1915
Gallipoli wounded being discharged from the hospital ship Maheno at Gallipoli
Patients being loaded onto the Maheno from lighters at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli
The terrible casualty rate of the Gallipoli campaign spurred Governor Liverpool to raise funds for New Zealand hospital ships