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Sir Joseph Ward, New Zealand’s political Lazarus, led governments nearly a quarter of a century apart.
Safety razors, like the ones being used by these men at Linton near Palmerston North, in 1949, made shaving quicker.
Joseph Ward (1856–1930) cut a debonair figure on the political scene with his tailored suits and carefully waxed moustache.
A timeline of New Zealand men's facial hair
Today most New Zealand men are clean-shaven (though an increasing number grow moustaches especially for the month of 'Movember'). That wasn’t always the case. Moustaches have come and gone as Kiwi blokes have shown themselves to be dedicated followers of fashion.
Senior Sergeant Brent Craig displays a mock-up of an offender and an array of facial characteristics from his photofit kit.
An unidentified Maori man with a moko (facial tattoo)
Billy T. James, comedian and entertainer, shows off his classic moustache, 27 July 1985.
Police apprehending an anti-apartheid demonstrator during a rugby game at Athletic Park, Wellington on 23 May 1970.
These men, photographed at the Kingston railway station in 1900, make a good gallery of moustache styles.
Man with a handlebar moustache, 1950
The New Zealand squad was photographed at the beginning of their World Cup qualifying campaign in April 1981.