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As the only son of New Zealand Company director Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Edward Jerningham Wakefield's life was inevitably bound up in his father's colonial and political ventures.
When Howard was appointed minister of health and minister in charge of child welfare, she became the first woman to serve as a Cabinet minister in a Commonwealth country.
Photograph of Richard Seddon's (1893-1906) 1906 ministerial cabinet.
Four key Ministers of the National Government line of for a press conference following the presentation of the economic statement to Parliament, 20 December 1990.
<p>Norman Kirk&#8217;s death in office brought Bill Rowling to the prime ministership unexpectedly in August 1974. A member of an old Tasman Bay farming family, and a teacher by training, he had been finance minister since 1972.</p>
Detail from a montage of the 42 members of the New Zealand House of Representatives in 1860.
A stalwart of Wellington political life, Featherston served as provincial Superintendent and later served as a member of the House of Representatives, colonial secretary and minister without portfolio
Holland became PM in 1949. A year later he abolished the Legislative Council, and in 1951, after winning the Waterfront Dispute, he increased his majority in a snap election.
Portrait of Richard Seddon dressed in evening suit.
Portrait photograph of Prime Minister Walter Nash.
Portrait photograph of Hone Heke Ngapua, circa 1904.
Joseph Gordon Coates, photographed by Stanley Polkinghorne Andrew, circa 3 November 1922.
A charismatic ex-soldier, orator and propagandist, John A. Lee was a dynamic figure in the Labour Party from the 1920s until 1940, when he was expelled for attacking the leadership of M.J. Savage.
Veteran labour politician Harry Holland represented West Coast electorates that included Seddonville from 1918 until his death in 1933.
R.C. Bruce's 1914 memoir, Reminiscences of a wanderer, is a ripping yarn of a nomadic labouring life at sea and on land.
Seven years and one stomach-stapling operation after entering Parliament in 1977, David Lange became PM at the age of 41.
Harry Holland, leader of the Labour Party and MP for Buller, in 1922.See biography of Harry Holland
This web feature was written by John E. Martin and produced by the team.LinksParliamentary elections and parties (Te Ara)BooksMartin, John E. The House: New Zealand's House of Representatives 1854–2004, Dunmore Press, 2004
Politicians used the ferries to travel between their electorates and Wellington, so they scrutinised the Union Steam Ship Company's management of the ships.
A clever theorist of mercurial character, Edward Gibbon Wakefield (1796-1862) masterminded the large-scale British settlement of New Zealand.