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Sophia Hinerangi, circa 1895. She wears a korowai.
Best known as ‘Guide Sophia’ she was the principal tourist guide of the famous Pink and White Terraces at Lake Rotomahana.
Betty Guard is believed to be the first European woman to settle in the South Island. In 1834 she was taken hostage by a group of Taranaki and Ngati Ruanui Maori before being rescued several months later by her husband Jacky and a detachment of 60 men from the 50th Regiment.
Betty Guard and her children were rescued from Ngāti Ruanui (who had held them captive in Taranaki since April) by troops landed from HMS Alligator and the Isabella. It was the first clash between British forces and Māori.
The rescue of Betty Guard and her two children from Ngāti Ruanui in the spring of 1834 involved the first use of British troops on New Zealand soil.