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An Ottoman Sipahi cavalryman, circa 1550, on display at the Musée de l'Armée in Paris, France.
The Lewis Gun was an American-designed light automatic machine gun used by the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade in Sinai and Palestine, 1916-17.
The French designed Hotchkiss M1909 light machine gun was used by the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade from March 1917 through to the end of the First World War.
German made version of the Ottoman War Medal, often mistakenly referred to as the 'Gallipoli Star' by Anzac and British troops.
This medal commemorating the early part of the South African War features the 1834  United Tribes flag.
Chrome-plated cigarette case engraved on the lid with 'A. D. K. [Kennedy] HMS ACHILLES 1940'.
Brass hat badge belonging to the Camel Transport Corps.
Unofficial First World War bronze New Zealand Camel Corps hat badge.
This web feature was written by Gareth Phipps with assistance from the National Army Museum Te Mata Toa and produced by the team.  Links National Army Museum Te Mata Toa Books Wolfe, Richard, With honour, our army, our nation, our history: New Zealand history told through the collections of the QEII Army Memorial Museum, Penguin Group, 2007   
Jersey worn by Stan Young during the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF) rugby team tour of the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany, 1945-1946.
A German supplied Boer Mauser Model 1897 used by in South Africa by Veld Kornet (Captain) Jacobus Cornelius Beukes of the Heilbron Commando, OVS (Orange Free State).
South African ('Boer') War leather 'housewife' attributed to Quartermaster-Sergeant Seymour Spencer.
Sub-machine gun known as the Thompson Model 1928 A1 or 'Tommy Gun'.
Flat, broad blade, greenstone patu (club) used by Māori warriors for close-quarter fighting.
Battle damaged M16A1 automatic rifle belonging to Captain Peter Williams, 161 Battery, Royal New Zealand Artillery.
Flag used by Victor 4 (V4) Company during their deployment in South Vietnam, 1969-1970.
Homemade Viet Cong fragmentation grenade made from a soft drink can with a short bamboo handle attached.
Crude homemade 9mm single shot pistol used by Viet Cong troops for defence inside tunnel complexes.
Chinese made Type 50 sub-machine gun used by Chinese and North Korean troops during the Korean War, and supplied to the North Vietnamese Army during the early stages of the Vietnam War.
General issue New Army riot baton thought to have been used during Japanese Occupation Force (J Force) operations 1946-1948 and the 1951 waterfront dispute.