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Porirua peace memorial.
Te Wainokenoke (seated), to the left of Nohorua (with full moko and a grey beard). Behind the couple is Nohorua's son, Tuarau, standing wrapped in a blanket, ca 1844
The 'six o'clock swill' at the Porirua Tavern in 1967
Multi-unit housing constructed in the 1950s and 60s was criticised for its use of low-cost materials and uniformity of design. This image of Porirua East was used in Housing Corporation publicity material in the late 1970s as an example to avoid in future housing schemes.
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visiting a state house, 1963.
A view over Porirua East, showing a mixture of single and multi-unit state houses constructed in the 1950s and '60s.
The design of state houses has been fodder for armchair and professional critics since the beginning. Detractors slagged the first workers' dwellings for being 'too swell' and called for simpler shelters. Half a century later the complaint was the exact opposite.