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Royal Air Force recruiting poster, 1918.
British public notice providing identifying silhouettes of German and British aircraft and airships during the First World War.
A vibrant (and tempting) New Zealand Railways poster
Poster produced by the New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department promoting wine tourism, 1980
Second World War recruitment poster
Advertisement for a Frigidaire refrigerator from the mid-1950s
War poster produced by the British Government during the Second World War to promote and maintain patriotic feelings amongst the civilian population.
Poster for the first Nambassa festival of arts, crafts and alternative lifestyles in 1978.
Poster advertising Redwood '70 - New Zealand's first rock music festival
This poster from c1926 advertises the Cecil B De Mille produced film, Feet of Clay
Poster produced by The Empire Marketing Board about sheep raising in New Zealand.
Poster welcoming the Prince of Wales on his visit to New Zealand in 1920
'They Shall Not Perish' poster by Douglas Volk, 1918 - used by the American Committee for Relief in the Near East to raise money to assist Armenian refugees forcibly displaced by the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.
Much is known of the passengers who made the ill fated Flight TE901 on 28 November 1979
This pro-continuance poster, from the 1920s, shows refers to a claim by two British MPs that prohibition in the USA was not working.
This Independent Order of Rachebites poster-calendar from 1913 includes portraits of temperance leaders W. A. Platt and W. Johnson.
Pro-temperance poster urging Masterton citizens to keep pubs closed in the 1911 vote.
This pro-continuance poster from 1928 urges New Zealanders not to confine themselves to a life of alcohol prohibition.
This pro-continuance poster urges New Zealanders not to follow the United States in banning alcohol and claims prohibition causes more harm than good.
A New Zealand Alliance for the Abolition of the Liquor Traffic poster from the 1920s.