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Protest against weekend trading by the Shop Employees Union, 1980
The ‘Battle of Featherston Street’ occurred in Wellington, with some of the most violent street fighting of the 1913 Great Strike.
The issue of nuclear ship visits became a significant issue for New Zealanders in the 1980s.
New Zealand's southernmost labour dispute in the Great Strike of 1913.
A mass meeting in Western Park, Ponsonby, on Sunday 23 November 1913, the day after the end of the general strike in Auckland.
Large demonstrations were held in Victoria Park, Auckland, where strikers, sympathisers and spectators are addressed by strike leaders
Site of one of the disputes that set off the Great Strike.
There was strong support for the strikers in Westport.
On 6 November 1913 the Hikurangi miners voted unanimously to strike in support of their comrades at Huntly.
A memorial procession for the striker killed at Waihī in 1912.
Uniformed police kept the wharf clear of strikers.
Smaller centres like Nelson were also involved in the 1913 strike.
A major site for speakers and pro-strike gatherings.
Strikers frequently protested outside the Wellington Harbour Board's building on Jervois Quay.
Poster advertising strike meeting at Wellington Opera House in 1913.
An 'agitator' addresses a crowd at the Triangle, Dunedin in 1913
The seizure of the wharves in Wellington and Auckland greatly reduced the strikers’ industrial power. Similar takeovers by ‘scab’ arbitration unions soon happened in other ports.
Although the 1913 strike had its biggest impact on Auckland and Wellington, the South Island's cities and mining towns were also affected.
Watersiders in Auckland began to strike in support of those in Huntly and Wellington.
Because the strike threatened their livelihoods, rural men were keen to volunteer as special constables.