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Wounded at Cassino by Peter McIntyre, March 1944.
Bombing of Cassino Monastery and town by Peter McIntyre, May 1944.
Sinking of the French battleship Bouvet in the Dardanelles Straits, March 1915
Walter Armiger Bowring’s atmospheric depiction of the Maheno sailing from Wellington in 1915
The Battle of Chunuk Bair, 8 August 1915, by Ion G. Brown, 1990
The attack of the Otago Mounted Rifles at Messines, 7 June 1917, painted by Captain Matt Gauldie, official New Zealand Army Artist, in 2010.Gauldie’s dramatic painting shows a charge by a squadron of the Otago Mounted Rifles Regiment during the Battle of Messines in June 1917. These horsemen advanced nearly a kilometre ahead of the infantry on Messines Ridge, capturing several German prisoners and two field guns.
Painting of James Crichton VC
Examples of badly-damaged paper sketches in New Zealand's National Collection of War Art
Following the end of the war, attention turned to where New Zealand's official First World War art collection would be stored. Plans for a National War Memorial Museum in Wellington were never completed, leaving the collection in limbo for the next thirty years
International war art donated to New Zealand following the First World War
Video about the 'Artists in Uniform' art exhibition held in New Zealand during the Second World War
Sunken road near Solesmes by George Edmund Butler, October 1918
Menin Road from Hooge Crater by George Edmund Butler, circa 1918
Butte de Polygon by George Edmund Butler, 1920.
George Edmund Butler became New Zealand’s second official war artist in August 1918 – as it turned out, just three months before the end of the war. There are almost 100 of his works in New Zealand's National Collection of War Art, making him this country's most prolific First World War artist
Artist George Edumnd Butler alongside one of his paintings, circa 1932
Dugouts Vlamentinghe, Belgium by Cecil Trevithick, 17 February 1918
New Zealanders graves in Codford churchyard by Frederick Herbert Cumberworth, circa 1918
NZ Military HQ Bloomsbury Square, London by G. E. Woolley, 1919.
With the Anzac Wireless Squadron in Persia by H. M. McFarlane, circa 1918.