Timeline - New Zealand's 19th-century wars


  • About 1807: First use of muskets in battle in New Zealand, by Nga Puhi
  • 1809: Crew of Boyd killed by Ngati Uru at Whangaroa
  • 1818–25: Nga Puhi raids across North Island
  • 1821–6: Ngati Toa and other iwi migrate from Waikato to Wellington area
  • 1829–37: Ngati Toa and allies fight Ngai Tahu in South Island
  • 1835: Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama invade Chatham Islands
  • 1840: Treaty of Waitangi; first large-scale British settlement
  • 1843: Twenty-six die (mostly Pakeha) as land dispute between Ngati Toa and Nelson settlers turns violent at Wairau
  • 1845–6: Inconclusive Northern War between some Nga Puhi and government
  • 1846: Fighting near Wellington as Ngati Toa resist expansion of settlement
  • 1847: Fighting around Whanganui as up-river tribes attack settlement
  • 1858: Coronation of Maori King symbolises opposition to further land sales
  • 1860–1: First Taranaki War ends in stalemate between government and local iwi
  • 1863–4: Waikato War – Kingites expelled from lower/mid-Waikato and Tauranga
  • 1863: Suppression of Rebellion Act enables confiscation of land of 'rebel' Maori
  • 1864–8: Many small conflicts, most between Pai Marire followers and other Maori
  • 1865, 1866: Campaigns in south Taranaki by imperial troops achieve little
  • 1868–9: Titokowaru's War threatens settler control of Whanganui area
  • 1868–72: Te Kooti raids central North Island and is, in turn, pursued by kupapa
  • 1881: Maori autonomy in south Taranaki ends with occupation of Parihaka
  • 1884: Survey of King Country; Pakeha no longer excluded
  • 1890s: Urewera Maori resist land surveys
  • 1898: Hokianga Maori assert rights in Dog Tax Rebellion
  • 1916: Arrest of Rua Kenana at Maungapohatu ends Maori autonomy in Urewera
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