The 1924 Invincibles All Black team

The 1924 All Blacks rugby team which became known as ‘The Invincibles’.

The New Zealand rugby union team which toured the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Canada in 1924–25 was nicknamed ‘The Invincibles’ after it won all 32 of its games overseas. The tour included test matches against Ireland, England, Wales, and France. Overall the team scored 838 points and conceded only 116.

The team was captained by Cliff Porter, although injury resticted him to 17 games, including the test against France. Vice-captain Jock Richardson took over the captaincy for the remainder of the tour. The team included some of the great names of New Zealand rugby, including Cyril and Maurice Brownlie and the legendary George Nēpia, who somewhat incredibly played in all 32 tour matches.

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What do you know?


Posted: 17 Nov 2015

We also have a large framed photograph of the 1924 team, would this be of any value to anyone?

David Grant

Posted: 08 Jun 2014

I heard a story that a Butch Simonson was chosen for the 1924 team but missed the boat from Wellington so did not go. Is it true, and any other details?


Posted: 04 May 2014

For Bruce/April 25th 2014
The official mascot of The Invincibles is a KIWI BIRD, now at the NZ Rugby Museum in Palmerston North, NZ.


Posted: 25 Apr 2014

I am trying to trace the official mascot of the 1924 Invincibles as he was a great uncle of mine (Dave Gray). He lived in Dunedin, but I have lost contact with the family. I am trying to trace my family ancestry on that side.

John O'Donnell

Posted: 16 Mar 2014

I own a large framed photograph with the team members names printed along the bottom, very similar to the one shown in your photo on this site, NZ All Blacks 1924. I am trying to ascertain its approximate value as it is 90 years old and in excellent condition. Can you help please? Detailed just below the photo is P Thompson, Crown Studios, Cuba Street, Wellington. Photo (registered copywright). Photo size is width inc frame 835 mm x height 680 mm.

Dave Read

Posted: 25 Aug 2013

I'm interested in Dave Gallaher 1905 AB Capt


Posted: 04 Oct 2010

Hi Graeme - did you see this page on the All Blacks website?.

graeme lynn

Posted: 04 Oct 2010

would like more information about my grand dad Jock Richardson in the 1924 invinibles.