The Lido

The Lido, corner of Wakefield and Victoria Streets.

The Lido

The Lido was opened in 1990 and greatly differed to the heavily curtained, out-of-sight coffee bars that prevailed at the time. The space was originally well known as the Dolphin, a 1950s coffee house. The Lido is often likened to a fishbowl, with its curved window walls, making it an excellent place to view the city's happenings. It is a convenient meeting point as it is situated midpoint between downtown and central city.

The emphasis is on good coffee and tasty and reasonably priced food. The Lido is always accessible to those seeking a daily caffeine fix or an interesting place to read or chat. It has no fixed closing time in the weekends and every Sunday night customers pile in to listen to live jazz. This weekly event is one of the longest-standing gigs in town.


Amy Donald, 2009

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