Midnight Espresso, 178 Cuba Street

Midnight Espresso at 178 Cuba Street.

Midnight Espresso

Midnight Espresso is one of Wellington’s longest-standing cafes. Opened in 1988, it still maintains the relaxed feel and consistently good food and coffee that has ensured its longevity. Midnight was established as an alternative to crowded bars and clubs with dress codes, a place where people can just hang out all night and talk.

For a range of inner-city residents - grannies, musicians, trend setters, suits and students - Midnight has become a regular spot to interact. The café was the original launch pad for Havana Coffee Works roasting business and has seen the addition of a large, staunch juicing machine. There is a strong vegetarian and vegan angle on the counter food, and a large selection of Havana coffee beans for sale.

A philosophy of 'no steak, no chips, no eggs, no alcohol' still stands as the menu provides for a wholesome breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. The music is often loud and diverse and the colourful atmosphere is maintained by the staff.


Amy Donald, 2009

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