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    John Walker is one of New Zealand's track heroes. His athletic career was punctuated by memorable performances and noted for its longevity

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Poll tax on Chinese immigrants abolished

1944 Poll tax on Chinese immigrants abolished

The Finance Act (No. 3) abolished the poll tax introduced in 1881, which was described by Minister of Finance Walter Nash as a 'blot on our legislation'. more...

The evacuation of Gallipoli

1915 The evacuation of Gallipoli

In a well-planned operation which contrasted sharply with those mounted earlier in the campaign, the troops were successfully withdrawn between 15 and 20 December. more...

Belmont viaduct blown up

1951 Belmont viaduct blown up

The 38-m-high railway viaduct, near Johnsonville, Wellington, was built in 1885 and had not been used since 1937. It was demolished by army engineers as a training exercise. more...