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The House of Representatives

  • Page 1 – The House of Representatives

    New Zealand's Parliament has been making laws, scrutinising the government and representing New Zealanders for more than 150 years.

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  • Page 2 – Quick history

    New Zealand's Parliament has been making laws, scrutinising the government and representing New Zealanders for over 150 years.

  • Page 3 – Parliament

    Today there are two parts to Parliament – the House of Representatives (or the Lower House) and the Governor-General, but between 1854 and 1951 there was a third part,

  • Page 4 – Doing business

    The operation of Parliament has changed over time as its workload has grown and new systems such as MMP have been implemented.

Parliament Buildings

  • Page 1 – History of Parliament Buildings

    Parliament buildings have been modified, destroyed by fire, half-built and restored; the parliamentary places and spaces have formed an important part of New Zealand's history

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  • Page 2 – First Parliament buildings

    Auckland was a bustling place in 1854 when Parliament met there for the first time. The buildings were located in paddocks on what was then the edge of town, Constitution Hill

  • Page 3 – The halfway house

    In 1911, a competition was held for designs for a new building to house Parliament. From the 33 proposals, John Campbell's was selected and building began, although it did not

  • Page 4 – Current buildings

    Parliament Buildings are made up of the Edwardian neo-classical Parliament House and the Beehive – its name inspired by a brand of matches.

  • Page 5 – Doing up the House

    In 1992 the biggest heritage building conservation project in New Zealand was undertaken with the strengthening and refurbishing of Parliament House and the Parliamentary

  • Page 6 – A workplace

    Many people call Parliament their workplace, but for MPs and others, the parliamentary complex has not always been the ideal place to spend long hours.

  • Page 7 – Library

    For people passing Parliament's grounds, the library building is a picture postcard, but it is also an important research institution that has thousands of books, newspapers

  • Page 8 – Disasters

    Fires and earthquakes have been major threats to New Zealand's Parliament Buildings.

Parliament's culture and traditions

  • Page 3 – Parliament in postcards

    Painters and photographers loved to capture the beauty of Parliament's buildings in postcards, and New Zealanders and visitors sent these to friends and family in new Zealand

  • Page 4 – Westminster traditions

    Many parliaments take a lead from Britain's ancient House of Commons, and New Zealand, too, followed the traditions in the home country.

  • Page 7 – A public meeting place

    New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where the public can walk around the grounds of Parliament.

Parliament's people

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